Our Story

Thank you so much for coming to our website!  We are thrilled that you've come to take a look at our costumes...and dream about how adorable your little sweet love will be on the big day.  

Tickles & Toots was dreamed up by Erin DeLine (me!!).  I am the mother of 2 awesome little girls, a full-time working mom, and a transplant to sunny Southern California from the beautiful state of Idaho.  After my 2nd daughter was born (August of 2010) and it was almost Halloween, I needed to put together costumes for my family.  No matter where I looked I couldn't find anything that I thought looked good!!  Most of the designs I found were not that cute, and the materials looked cheap.  And to top it off, any costume that I could buy for my 3 month old girl was sure to be covered up by the Baby Bjorn I was carrying her around in 24/7!!

I couldn't find a single thing I liked!!  So what is a full-time working mom of 2 to do???  That's right.....she makes the costume herself!!  As a "closet crafter" I knew that if I couldn't find what I wanted....then I'd just have to make it.  Before long I was cutting felt, hot gluing fake flowers to hats, sewing fake leaves to felt stems!!!  It was pretty craft-tastic!

I knew that my oldest daughter was going to be a bumble bee, and I was torturing my husband by creating a "bee keeper" costume for him.  I can still hear him joking around saying "You know I'm not happy, right!?!"  Ahahahaaa!! Good times!! :)  Poor guy...has been and will always be my real life "Ken" doll! When Halloween comes around he just shakes his head and asks what he's wearing!!  (Years of training have paid off!)

So with my big Bee Keeper, little Bumble Bee duo....I decided the best idea for myself and our 3 month old baby was for me to be a Gardener, holding a Flower Pot (my baby girl) in the Baby Bjorn....and it was a HUGE hit!  Such a funny costume....here's a pic of the actual day...good times!!

I'm still impressed with the fact that I turned the gardening bag into my diaper bag for the party!!  Equipped with a gardening shovel, diapers, blankets and fake flowers....Practical....Keepin' it real!! :)

Well....for 4 years, Halloween would come and go....and I would think to myself "I should really make some more of those Flower Pot Baby Carrier Costumes to sell somewhere!"  But honestly, with 2 young children and a full time job, I didn't have time to do anything but change diapers, clean up my house, work and giggle with my girls.  So time went by with no shop in sight....Until last year...when I ran into a friend at a party who gave me the courage and knowledge to jump into creating this business you see now...Tickles & Toots! (Please see "sellingatretail.com for more info if you'd like to bring your own product ideas to the world!)  

And here we are today....with not just a Flower Pot Baby Carrier Costume, but a whole line of additional Baby Carrier Costumes to share with the world.  I really hope that you find something you love and that you get as much laughter and joy out of our costumes as my family & I did during those precious years as a young family!  Please, if you do buy a costume, take a picture of you & your baby and post it to Instagram under #ticklesandtoots!  We would love nothing more that to share in your happiness and laughter!

Lots of love,

Erin DeLine

p.s. here is a family photo of last years costumes....the girls wanted to be a "super hero family".....so this is what I came up with...

I'm pretty sure the hubby is MUCH happier with this costume choice!!  What guy wouldn't want to be Superman....and wearing black sweatpants for the night!?!!!  Haaa!!

Thanks again for visiting the site.....and please spread the word about this awesome shop.....created, designed and run by a craft crazy mom of 2!! Thanks so much for all the support.


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